Select a Top Turf Sod Variety to Suit Your Planting Site

Oklahoma climate can accommodate turf grass species popular in the north, south, east, and west environments of the United States and can be grown anywhere in the state. However, high temperatures and limited rainfall during an Oklahoma summer limit the success of the cool-season turf grass species to shaded areas and sites with irrigation systems. Relatively low temperatures during the winter prohibit the success of many warm-season (grows in the summer, dormant in the winter) turf grass species.

Successful Top Turf grass management begins with the selection of a turf grass species adapted to the wide fluctuations in temperature and moisture found in our state. It also involves the selection of a turf grass suited to your personal needs. We can offer advice on a turf grass species suited to any physical or environmental limitations of your planting site such as shade, no supplemental water, or poor soil conditions. Call today for great advice on the right top-sod type for you!

Sod is available in Small or Big Rolls.

We offer sod delivery, installation, or pick up of large rolls or pallets.

  • U-3 Bermuda is sold in large 42” wide rolls consisting 350 square feet.
  • Astro Bermuda is sold in pallets of 500 square feet.
  • Zoysia and Fescue are available by special order.

To insure the highest quality sod, it is cut fresh when ordered.  We do not keep cut sod in stock so call ahead.